Aquamarine Retro

Hi my lovelies ! The weather announced 30 degrees celisus for today so I took advantage of it and wore one of my favourite summer dresses from forever 21 !  It has Aquamarine florals pattern in  a white background.

I also want to share with you guys my summer projects and what’s going on in my life right now. First off, on an academic side, I’m taking  a  summer class ( Cognitive process) for University with my bestfriend. I have a midterm on wednesday that’s why, today, me and my boyfriend, we went to BlueBoy to study for the day . It’s a really cute retro frozen yogurt restaurant, everything they offer is homemade!

They even have churros! Yes yesss :)

Recently, I got hired  as a writer for Narcity MtlBlog, as a receptionnist in a College  as a research assistant for a videogames neurosciences project and as an assistant in a readaptation center . I’m really excited but it’s a lot time consuming. Since it’s summer, I also want to spend some time with my friends. I even turned to SunRise Calendar to organize everything and to schedule events with my friends and my employers. . It is really sad that they have to pass by my calendar to schedule a meeting with me but it’s the only way I can survive this summer with all the opportunities that have been presented to me. To all  my dear friends who are reading this, I’m really sorry but I LOVE YOU a lot! And I need you all to stay with me because my life wouldn’t be stable without you guys haha.



My anxiety didn’t come back for a few days and I’m actually really happy right now in this time in my life. Yes I do have a lot of things on my plate but at least it’s good things. Staying organized allow me to do more more things that make me happy. In the end of the day, that’s the real definition of being productive and successful: You did everything you love.

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Gray for a Gloomay Day

I’m back with another Outfit Of The Day ! I promised you to write more posts in the future. This is the kind of out oufit I wear to go to work. Since I’m working in an office, classy and simple are you best allies. I couldn’t resist adding my own personal touch with a little black bow in my hair haha. I’ve always loved the preppy look so it compliments well with an office outfit.

Collar knit shirt: Tommy Hilfiger

Skirt: Forever 21 

Bow: a gift from my sister :3 

Shoes: H&M 

Fun fact: These shoes are supposed to be brand new shoes I just wore it for a day and it’s already dirty. Yup. That’s me. :)

Book & Pastel

Hi my lovelies!! School is officially over and I can finally take time to tell my little story.

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My finals week were really really stressful and a real pain in the ass. Adding to that I got caught up in so many stuff and it just seems like a big labyrinth. No matter what I do, I couldn’t escape from the reality. Then, I started to have anxiety. I got to admit, I was denying it the first time that in no way I could have that . I’m a strong woman. But that is not true and I’m glad I opened my eyes about that issue. Anxiety is no fun. It’s no rest either. Your emotions are all over the place, you can’t even recognize yourself and the most frightening thing is you can’t control it. You already anticipated the fear . THAT is the worst part for me. You don’t get cured from it no matter what pills you take, you just have to cope better. Because pills don’t last. Of course I don’t have anxiety disorder and I can’t speak for all of you who have it, it’s probably hundreds times worst then what I had but I just want you to know you are not alone. You are never alone. Reach out for help.

Also a little reminder : things will get better, some people are stupid don’t listen to what they say, it’s okai to cry, you are you own light and hope, never give up on you and you deserve to be happy.


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After my finals week, I went directly to Boston! It was a beautiful city and I will write about it maybe another day.

Now, here we are, in MAY YAYY! Summer vacations have started but I took summer classes this year so I’m still stuck in school ( at least I have my best friend with me, thank god!). The warm weather is here with a little bit of rain here and there, a lot of humidity too.

Today, I share with you my outfit from one of my favourite days ever. Me and my boyfriend we spent the whole day looking for books. There was a books sale in Montreal held in Arena Etienne Desmarteau ( all the books are 1$!!) and I had to go since I’m a big reader.

Bleu Royal

It’s Spring now in Montreal! The weather becomes warmer, the birds start singing, bees start showing..Let’s forget that and talk about the sunny days ! I’m really happy to share with you this outfit inspired from one of my favourites spring colors : royal blue. There’s also the floral pattern that I love and for accessory : a blue belt with a touch of gold.

School Girl

Hi my lovelies! Really sorry for the hiatus but a lot of things have been going on lately. Honeslty, it’s mostly school that’s been taking up all my time.

On the other hand, spring is almost here so you will see more ootd posts since I LOVE everything about spring trends : floral, pastel, etc.   I’m posting here a little outfit of the day , typical back to school outfit that I wore not a long time ago. I’ve always loved the classy and preppy style, so here is a combination of those styles with a casual touch. Because wearing a comfortable outfit is also important !

Blazer: Simons

Crop Top: Garage

Skirt : Forever 21

Snowy Peter Pan

Since its really cold here and I still want to wear dress , I usually wear really thick tights to keep me warm and pair my dress with a leather jacket or a blazer. I only wear dresses or skirts when its -10 degrees celisus , below that.. forget it! Hahha :)

I have an obsession with peter pan collar dresses or just any collar dresses really. This dress was actually a gift from my beloved cousin in vietnam  Chi Ba, a big shoutout to her <3 And all my family in Vietnam who’ve been really kind to me. I miss you guys !

Burgundy Red

I’ve recently went to hair saloon with my sister and dyed my hair back in hred burgundy. I did it last summer and I loved it so much  ! Big shoutout to my sister btw for this treat <3 It was a lovely evening and I had a lot of fun :)

Red hair is probably the hardest color to keep. It fades really fast ( according to my past experience) , it stains everywhere after you shower.  You have to know that having red hair demands a high-maintenance so in order to keep the color ( without going to your colorist everymonth) you have to buy really good products. I’m going to write a post on how to maintain red hair  after I experiment for a few months with the new products!


Blazer – Dynamite

            Blouse – Tommy Hilfiger