Bleu Royal

It’s Spring now in Montreal! The weather becomes warmer, the birds start singing, bees start showing..Let’s forget that and talk about the sunny days ! I’m really happy to share with you this outfit inspired from one of my favourites spring colors : royal blue. There’s also the floral pattern that I love and for accessory : a blue belt with a touch of gold.

School Girl

Hi my lovelies! Really sorry for the hiatus but a lot of things have been going on lately. Honeslty, it’s mostly school that’s been taking up all my time.

On the other hand, spring is almost here so you will see more ootd posts since I LOVE everything about spring trends : floral, pastel, etc.   I’m posting here a little outfit of the day , typical back to school outfit that I wore not a long time ago. I’ve always loved the classy and preppy style, so here is a combination of those styles with a casual touch. Because wearing a comfortable outfit is also important !

Blazer: Simons

Crop Top: Garage

Skirt : Forever 21

Snowy Peter Pan

Since its really cold here and I still want to wear dress , I usually wear really thick tights to keep me warm and pair my dress with a leather jacket or a blazer. I only wear dresses or skirts when its -10 degrees celisus , below that.. forget it! Hahha :)

I have an obsession with peter pan collar dresses or just any collar dresses really. This dress was actually a gift from my beloved cousin in vietnam  Chi Ba, a big shoutout to her <3 And all my family in Vietnam who’ve been really kind to me. I miss you guys !

Burgundy Red

I’ve recently went to hair saloon with my sister and dyed my hair back in hred burgundy. I did it last summer and I loved it so much  ! Big shoutout to my sister btw for this treat <3 It was a lovely evening and I had a lot of fun :)

Red hair is probably the hardest color to keep. It fades really fast ( according to my past experience) , it stains everywhere after you shower.  You have to know that having red hair demands a high-maintenance so in order to keep the color ( without going to your colorist everymonth) you have to buy really good products. I’m going to write a post on how to maintain red hair  after I experiment for a few months with the new products!


Blazer – Dynamite

            Blouse – Tommy Hilfiger

Top Study Cafes

Hi everybody! I’ve always wanted to do a post where I list every coffee I’ve been to and give a review about it. I’m the kind of girl who likes to study in coffee shops , with her headphones on and just focus. Yes I need music and noise around me to study hahah. So if you’re in Montreal and are looking for some places to study here are my top coffee study spots !

1. Chai Tea Lounge 

I had the chance to discover this place with Anna and we both fell in love with this place. It’s comfy , near metro Place Des Arts ( 7 mins walking) and their wifi is really good ( yes this is a really important detail to mention LOL) . They offer a big variety of drinks from teas, hot choclate to bubble teas ! Definitely worth a try .

Wifi : 10/10

2. Second Cup 

There’s a Second Cup near my university so each time I’m feeling lazy I just went there, it offers great drinks ( white chocolate frap is my fave ) and when the temperature is below -10 degrees celsius their hot chocolate is 50% off! YES YES that winter privilege hahah #canada. 

Wifi: not so great for videos, it’s impossible to stream but for other purposes you’re all good ;)

3. Starbucks

Who doesn’t love a good old caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks eh ? It is expensive yes, but it’s really made for students to study and enjoy some time alone.  You can find starbucks everywhere now ahah :)

Wifi : great wifi !

4. Caravane Cafe 

I really love this cafe because it’s near my university ( 1 min walk from metro cote des neiges) , their chocolate frap  and brunch are the best . But the only downside it’s always always full! Students come here from like 9am and at noon you have no chance of having a seat. The people there are really nice though, they always make sure that everybody can have a seat.

Wifi: 10/10

5. Cafe Art Java 

This coffee is in Mont Royal ( the station) and offers a great menu from coffees to brunch! They even make little artworks on their coffees and hot choclate which is Awesome!

Wifi : awesome

6. The Kiosque 

This is the cutest tea shop I’ve ever seen and their mixes are so original and authentic. For you tea lovers, this definitely a must !

Wifi : not so great, if you’re a COncordia student you can connect to your school wifi if no.. then it’s a problem :(

7. Nos Thes 

It’s a really sweet and cute place , offers alot of  drinks ( bubble teas ) a lot of flavours, but the only downside is their wifi. The Nos Thes at Guy Concordia Station ,  their wifi’s not working at all and you have to steal the wifi from Tim Hortons ( but then it disconnects like every 30 mins so you better be subscribed to Tim Hortons wifi). Also, if you want to stay leverybody from your study group must order at least a drink .. yes it is very strict.

wifi : not working

A Land mantled with snow

Hi there beautiful readers! I’m back again! For today, I just want to share with you an everyday outfit that I wear in winter . A big coat, big scarf and my all time favourite Timberland boots . Winter in Montreal is really really cold, it can go from -6 degrees celsius to -38 degrees celsius. I always love the combination of flash red double breast coat with the snow in the background . For a coat like this one, I usually have 3 layers inside : a blouse, a sweater and a blazer.

Coat : Forever 21

Scarf: Simons

Boots: Timberland

Sit back and relax

Hi my lovelies ! I’ve been on hiatus forquite a while and I’m sorry. Had a really busy schedule and school,school,school you know. After all this time, I finally have some time to sit and write about everything. You may find this post really random but I just need somewhere to share my thoughts. I’ve been accepted in Neurosciences last semester and I was really happy, it was the program I always wanted to get in and it was a dream come true. After a few internships, I discovered that neurosciences was not for me and I’m thinking going in psychology next semester. Except that,  I’ve had an amazing christmas break with my loved ones and finally had time to breathe and enjoy the little things in life : read, watching tv shows, dancing, going out with friends, etc. After two weeks break, here we go again! School,school,school.

I’ve had recently encounter some sad news about my health and it makes me realize how short a moment is. A life is. Time is the only problem here. And I just seem cant get enough of it. So many thing to do in so little time. And you know what ? I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m going to live my life exactly how I wanted it to be. This is my life and I’m going to do all the projects I want to do. I’m going to ace all those classes, I’m going to enjoy every little moment with my friends. I’m going to love like its the last time I can love .  As I look back everything in my life, I don’t regret anything. Every downside has made me who I am today and thank to them I can now be a better person, have a better life and  maybe the best life. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do whatever you want. Always want to sing? Do it. Always want to try a sport? Do it. Always want to confess to that boy/girl? Do it. Always want to try that new look ? Do it. Because at least you’ve tried , and you’ll know if it’s worth it or not. When you can think like that, you can have total control of your life and believe me it’s worth it. I’m not afraid anymore and I will never give up on this present called liveliness, the spark , the vivacity, the essence, for it  makes me, me.