Travel outfits and Reflections

Hi my lovelies! :) I know it’s been a long time I wasn’t active on this blog haha. I’m really sorry! I’ve been pretty active on Bookidote, if you didn’t know about it it’s a book reviews blog that I created with my boyfriend :)

Summer is done and it’s back to school time really soon for me ! I know that some of y’all are already starting haha good luck to everyone on this new school year <3 ! As for me, my summer flew frkn. fast. I was so busy this summer and a lot has happened in just a few months.  I had the misfortune to experience one of the hardest time of my life. Due to that event, my anxiety has gone worse and I lost everything I had. My confidence, my positivity, the things that help me building up who I am. So for a a period of time,  I was depressed and demotivated. As I reflect on what happened, I think it’s a good thing that I had time to really live the sadness. One of the reasons that I didn’t feel well is because I didn’t have the time to feel the emotion, express it and live it. My advice for y’all is this : you are sad, be sad. Take time for yourself. Stop everything and really cry it out or write it down your fears, your thoughts. It helped me, I hope it would help you. Of course everyone around you wants to see you happy. What they don’t know is sometimes you don’t want to be happy, not just yet. You just want to pause everything and reflect on the negative things on your life. It’s only once you do that you will be able to move on. Share it with people around you, who really care about you, who are patient and understanding enough to let you have this moment.

Now, I’m much better. I see who is there for me or  who isn’t. Through hard time, people reveal themselves to you and in the moment you can be disappointed but afterward, you got to keep moving and live your life. I thank all of my friends  and my family who have been unexpectedly helpful and understanding, who still love me for who I am. The upside of those moments, is that I can be in comple self-discovering and once I’m done with it, I’m better. I know myself, I know my limits and my mistakes. I learn from that and instead of letting it ruin me, I will stand up and not give up.

Alright that’s it for the little update hahha :) Now the fun part! My outfits! I went to NYC recently and it was such a fun trip. I’d like to share with you some of my outfits.


Outfit #1 :

Long Sleeve shirt – H&M

Shorts 0 Simons

Sneakers- Nike ( YES SNEAKERS. Essentials for walking )


Outfit #2:

Black Crop Top – Forever 21

Shorts – Ebay



Walk in the Wonderland Park

Hi my lovelies! I’m back with another ootd :) This time I went to St Laurent Boulevard with my boyfriend to..READ <3 Yes it’s been my ultimate hobbit now. I just finished Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glass, you can read the review here. Yes. It’s a new blog! Books review kind of blog (: It’ll mean the world to me if you can just check it out and do not hesitate to tell me what you think!  I wanted an outfit to also fit my novel reading mood, I noticed that one of the principal color palettes in Wonderland is fun,pastel and sweet colors. That was my inspiration for this outfit.  

Top: H&M

Skirt: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Poison Ivy x Riddler

Hi GUYS! I’m super excited to share with you my Poison Ivy costume for Montreal Comiccon 2015 . The original idea came from my friends who wanted to do Gotham Sirens and since I have red hair, Poison Ivy was the perfect match for me hahah! My boyfriend joined me as Riddler! I really love his costume that’s why you’ll probably see more pictures of him than me LOL . Can’t help it ! He really got into the character too , goofing around and striking poses haha it was so much to see him go this way :) <3


TOP Corset: Ebay

Shorts sequin : Sirens

Gloves : Ebay

Floral Crown: Ardene


Black Shirt& Black Trousers: Casual clothes he already owned

Green Hat: Party Centre + DIY question mark

Mask : DIY

Everything else: Ebay ( tie, gloves, green vest,etc.)

JOKER & RIDDLER ( my boyfriend and his best friend)

Gotham Sirens with my friends

Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Riddler

Bob’s Burgers Family My fave cosplay gang from comiccon

Black Florals

I can’t tell you how relieving it is to finally be able to wear casual outfits. Considering that my favourite clothing piece is shorts, I couldn’t help it but wearing floral shorts ! A varsity dark croptop to complete the look. I went to this place with my parents, called Sainte-Anne de Beaupre and it has this beautiful church. Legend says, many miracles happen here. People all around the world come here to pray to Ste-Anne ( is it me or they say that to every spiritual place ? LOL) Anyways, miracles or not we can’t deny the fact this place a some magical  touch to it , from the golden doors to the foutain, every corner is unique. 

Top : Sirens

Shorts: Forever 21

Boots: DailyLook 

Deep Into Nature

HI GUYS! I’m really excited to share this post. I went in Gaspesie with my parents recently and it was amazing! The view there is absolutely stunning. My pictures can do it justice. For Real.  It was really cold. Like Really Cold. We were near the sea so no wonder haha. I was not prepared for that temperature that’s why I won’t do an ootd post but more a photography post.

Hope you’re still enjoying these pictures !

Books review : Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Hi my lovelies!
Recently, I got the chance to go on a roadtrip and it’s not a short roadtrip.. it’s a very long roadtrip from 6 to 10 hours in a car. YES. I did it and I will do it again ahaha. In this journey, I’ve passed by New Brunswick and had the chance to read all the books that I didn’t have time to read. Starting off with two spinoff from the Harry Potter series (because I could not accept the fact that Harry Potter series is done ahahah #ohdeny) :

1.Fantastic Beasts and where to find them ( ★★★☆☆) 

If you are a true fan f the Harry Potter world, you will love this book if no, it may seem a little bit boring. The function of this book is more of a Fantastic Beasts Dictionnary. It’s litterally like a manual, textbook. This is really useful if you want to look up a specific animal in the J.K Rowling’s fantastic world . I gave it a 3 stars because I love the aspect of feeling like a Hogwart student and learn about these beasts and their differences. Especially when you know the stories, what the characters have to go through. There’s also a comic side to this book with Harry Potter and his friends’ annotations.  But  the downside of this book is the fact that it’s getting boring if you read it all at once for it is not a story, I felt like reading a dictionnary for an hour straight ahhaha.

2. The Tales of Beedle the Bard (★★★★☆) 

Since I was a child, I loved and believed in fairytales. I’ve always thought of them as some secret language , secret codes that only the most kind-hearted and pure-hearts can reach out the messages. J.K Rowling wrote an amazing book beyon the walls of Hogwarts and beyonnd the characters, she has built an entire universe including these tales. An essential part of every child’s life because every one was once a child, wizard or muggle. I believe that you would still enjoy these tales even when you’re 30 years old.

A big THANK YOU to the sisters of Saint-Sacrement for their hospitality! :)