Botanic Garden

Yesterday I went to the Botanic Garden with my cutie pie Anoya <3 It was sucha a great day because we did everything we love : eat, talk, walk, taking pictures, go to movies haha :) It was my last day before my back to school that’s why I had to take advantage of it !  I had a really long two weeks , I had to work work work ( IVE BEEN UP ALL NIGHT TRY TO GET-) The song always gets me when I say work work LOL After those exhausting weeks, it’s been a great pleasure to spend some quality time with my friends and I couldn’t thank them enough for the joy they bring in my life. (  I don’t know why I’ve ben cheesy all of sudden but I had to say it haha ).

Crop Top : H&M

Origami Skort : Urban Behaviour

Bag: Top Shop

A day with the Best

I present to you my best friend : Nhi! :) It was her birthday not a long time ago and I had the chance to spend a day in Old Port Montreal with her haha :D playing the tourists you know.. discover our own city LOL. Seriously, Montreal has so much to offer. Adter  10 years, I’m always discovering new places and new activites in this city it’s crazy. 

My outfit :

Crop Top – Garage

SHorts Daisy – Forever 21

Bag- Top Shop


Toronto Roadtrip

Last week, I had the chance to go to Toronto with Nour and Felipe. It was really fun and we all wished we could  have  had more time but I can’t . :( Being on a roadtrip with your friends can make you learn more about them and yourself and that’s the reason why I love travelling with my friends. I also got my period on the last day of the roadtrip and I was pissed with my friends for nothing LOL oh the hormones.. ANYWAYS. Here are some outfits that I wore on the trip!

Outfit #1 : Downtown/ The Village

Hat : Forever21

Velvet Crop Top: Dynamite

Velvet Skirt: Mia Mix

Shoes: ALDO

In the subway

Shoutout to this guy for photobombing me ! LOL

Me and Felipe

Toronto Tramway


Downtown – Eaton Centre

Felipe&Nour- In front of The Village Wall

Me and Nour

On the second day , we did some shopping in Eaton Centre and we end up our day in the Village. For those who don’t know what the Village is , it’s basically a neighborhood where lesbians, gay, bi and trans can reunite and working together to create a welcoming environment. The rainbow flag was everywhere haha :) It was a very interesting experience ! My opinion about homosexuality/bisexuality /trans is  I really don’t care who you love, who you are, as long as you are happy with yourself then I support it :)

Outfit #2 : Botanical Garden

Top : Sister bought it for me in London

SHorts: Garage